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Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Have you ever realized that when you’re eating well and working out you feel more confident in your own skin, can think more clearly, sleep better and seem to be at peace overall? Or just the opposite, are you eating fast food that’s greasy and fried, not sleeping well, mentally in a funk and seem to be short tempered with loved ones? Now is the time for a lifestyle BOOST to feel, think and perform better.

Let’s start at the top of a brand new day. I will break down some easy ways to create new routines and keep your mind, body and soul flowing smoothly… even through the ups and downs.

1. Create a morning routine:

a. While still in bed or sitting in a chair, shift your mindset to think about the top 3 things you are grateful for that morning. Do this before checking your phone. A good tip is to leave your phone in another room. For some people, they focus on the safety and protection of loved ones or give thanks for the day ahead and all that it has to offer. The small things are the big things.

b. Keep the TV off. Let’s get your mindset right for the upcoming day. I advise reading some kind of a book that gives you a positive perspective or thoughts of gratitude to fill your mental space with positivity. You can find books that are one simple page per day of goodness. For my fellow believers – a daily devotional book is highly recommended. Journal what you are grateful for. Write down what you are nervous or worried about within this day. Focus on what you CAN control.

c. For my fellow breakfast eaters, make your breakfast and include a carb, fat and protein in this meal.

2. Find time for movement:

a. Whether this is before work, over your lunch hour or after work, make sure you set aside time for a workout even if it’s 20 minutes.

b. Go outside at some point in your day. This can be taking your workout outside or simply going for an evening walk. Vitamin D, the “sunshine” vitamin, is important to keep your morale high. Getting outside in the sunshine, away from screens, walking in nature and breathing fresh air keeps you grounded.

3. Give back:

a. Make it a habit to give someone a compliment every day. (I LOVE giving compliments!). Remember, a genuine compliment can help someone feel better. Positive words bring life.

b. Text a loved one, “have a great day”, “thinking of you”, “I love you”

c. Open a door for someone; pay for the person’s coffee behind you in line; help your neighbor carry a bag of groceries.

d. Be nice to someone who isn’t nice to you.

4. Eat whole, nutrient dense foods and drink water:

a. Whole, nutrient dense foods are foods in their natural and organic state. For example: sweet potato, broccoli, asparagus, blueberries, apples, etc. Eat the rainbow of colorful foods.

b. Get a water bottle you enjoy drinking from that syncs with your personality.

5. Find an activity or hobby YOU enjoy – even if you only have 30 minutes:

a. Take a bath

b. Read a book

c. Go on a hike

d. Play with your dog

e. Dance to your favorite song

f. Cook your favorite meal

6. Listen to your body:

a. If you feel hungry, eat a healthy snack that includes protein. If you prolong hunger, you’ll experience mood swings, feel short tempered, anxious or low energy that will lead to a less productive day.

b. If a coworker makes you upset, step away from your computer, go into the bathroom, take a lap around your work building or home. Focus on your breath --- in through the nose, slow and steady out through the mouth. Think FIRST about how you can respond and what will create the least negative response and still accomplish the task at hand.

c. If you’re feeling sluggish:

· drink water

· sit outside for 5 minutes

· meditate by setting a timer for 3-7 minutes to focus on a mantra or word like “love”, “joy”, “peace”, “patience”, “kindness” during meditation

d. Speak positive words to yourself. If you feel overwhelmed, remind yourself that you are able and capable of completing the tasks at hand. Focus on one thing at a time.

7. Create a bedtime routine:

a. Make sure you give yourself time to wind down after work and before bed by reading, drawing, listening to nature sounds or dimming the lights and lighting candles.

b. Avoid eating large meals roughly 2 hours before bed. Small snacks are OK.

c. Prioritize sleep. Go to bed around the same time each night aiming for 7-8 hours of sleep. During sleep, your body recovers and fights illness while every system in the body is strengthened.

d. Eliminate screen time 30 minutes before bed.

Give these 7 tips a try and naturally boost your lifestyle for the better!


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